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Iran’s provocations may prove costly

by Claude Salhani – Iran has threatened to resume its nuclear programme and its Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) has continued to provoke the US Navy in the Arabian Gulf, putting into question an international ac­cord formulated under the Obama … Continue reading

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Promoting democracy in Middle East, a thing of the past in Washington

  by Claude Salhani It appears the United States is getting out of the democ­racy-spreading business — at least while the current president remains in the White House. The Washing­ton Post reported that US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson ordered … Continue reading

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Sudan: The Arab world’s and Africa’s forgotten conflict by Claude Salhani Unlike conflicts in the Middle East and parts of Africa that grab the spotlight and make front-page news in the world’s leading media outlets, the armed conflicts that have plagued Sudan since its inde­pendence have a … Continue reading

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Is a new Palestinian intifada on the way?

by Claude Salhani The UN Security Council convened in an emergency session to address the violence that flared up once again in the Holy Land as Israelis and Palestinians exchanged bullets, tear gas and knife stabbings and hurled rocks and … Continue reading

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What’s next after Mosul and Raqqa?

By Claude Salhani Units of the Iraqi Army’s special forces, trained and supported by the United States, celebrated their victory over the Islamic State (ISIS) in the northern Iraqi city of Mosul. In the war against ISIS, Iraq has the … Continue reading

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Why are Arabs and Israelis unable to reach a peaceful settlement?

By Claude Salhani I remember in junior high school learning about the Hundred Years’ War between England and France and laughing, thinking how impossible it would be. Looking at the conflict between the Palestinians and Israel, however, we come to … Continue reading

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Geopolitical pot could quickly reach a boiling point

by Claude Salhani Syrian President Bashar Assad may well be accused of being a brutal, ruthless dictator who has caused more harm to Syria than any other national leader or foreign enemy. Assad has been accused of surpassing his father … Continue reading

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Both sides in Syrian civil war are breaking the rules

By Claude Salhani Human rights groups have accused Syrian opposition groups supported by the United States in Syria of having used white phosphorus-loaded munitions in what is appearing to be the final push on the Islamic State’s capital of Raqqa. … Continue reading

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A sickening perversion of the faith

By Claude Salhani The terrorist attacks in Manchester and London have brought to light many points in the war to defeat a sick and cowardly ideology led by maniacal men who feel no remorse in attacking defenceless girls. Where is … Continue reading

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What will it take to stop the current destruction?

by Claude Salhani – What will it take to awaken the leaders in the Arab world who continue to believe that their will can be imposed on their people regardless of the cost in material damages and human lives? How … Continue reading

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