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Russia replacing Washington as the Middle East’s political centre of influence

2by Claude Salhani – Russia. That is the key word for the future of geopolitics, especially where the Middle East is concerned. Russia, under President Vladimir Putin, is mak­ing headway in geopolitics in a manner that the Soviet Union at … Continue reading

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One small step for mankind, a giant leap for women

By Claude Salhani The last country with a ban on women driving cars is giving them the green light to step on the gas. At last, free at last. Although the plan to allow women behind the wheel was in … Continue reading

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Violence, bloodshed and terrorism and a question of losing face or maintaining credibility

by Claude Salhani – US President Donald Trump upped the ante with two of the United States’ most prominent enemies — Iran and North Korea — in his address to the UN General Assembly. It was not the sort of … Continue reading

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Not all refugees are created equal

by Claude Salhani – Not all refugees are created equal nor do all refugees receive the same treatment. The world watched in disbe­lief as millions of Americans be­came temporary refugees as they tried to remain one step ahead of Harvey … Continue reading

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Religious extremism remains the world’s top enemy

By Claude Salnani-=   September 11 will be the 16th anniversary of the 2001 terror attacks that destroyed the Twin Towers in New York and damaged the Pentagon just outside Washington. Those attacks led to the beginning of the so-called … Continue reading

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Iran’s provocations may prove costly

by Claude Salhani – Iran has threatened to resume its nuclear programme and its Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) has continued to provoke the US Navy in the Arabian Gulf, putting into question an international ac­cord formulated under the Obama … Continue reading

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Promoting democracy in Middle East, a thing of the past in Washington

  by Claude Salhani It appears the United States is getting out of the democ­racy-spreading business — at least while the current president remains in the White House. The Washing­ton Post reported that US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson ordered … Continue reading

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Sudan: The Arab world’s and Africa’s forgotten conflict by Claude Salhani Unlike conflicts in the Middle East and parts of Africa that grab the spotlight and make front-page news in the world’s leading media outlets, the armed conflicts that have plagued Sudan since its inde­pendence have a … Continue reading

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Is a new Palestinian intifada on the way?

by Claude Salhani The UN Security Council convened in an emergency session to address the violence that flared up once again in the Holy Land as Israelis and Palestinians exchanged bullets, tear gas and knife stabbings and hurled rocks and … Continue reading

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What’s next after Mosul and Raqqa?

By Claude Salhani Units of the Iraqi Army’s special forces, trained and supported by the United States, celebrated their victory over the Islamic State (ISIS) in the northern Iraqi city of Mosul. In the war against ISIS, Iraq has the … Continue reading

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