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Geopolitical pot could quickly reach a boiling point

by Claude Salhani Syrian President Bashar Assad may well be accused of being a brutal, ruthless dictator who has caused more harm to Syria than any other national leader or foreign enemy. Assad has been accused of surpassing his father … Continue reading

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Both sides in Syrian civil war are breaking the rules

By Claude Salhani Human rights groups have accused Syrian opposition groups supported by the United States in Syria of having used white phosphorus-loaded munitions in what is appearing to be the final push on the Islamic State’s capital of Raqqa. … Continue reading

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A sickening perversion of the faith

By Claude Salhani The terrorist attacks in Manchester and London have brought to light many points in the war to defeat a sick and cowardly ideology led by maniacal men who feel no remorse in attacking defenceless girls. Where is … Continue reading

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What will it take to stop the current destruction?

by Claude Salhani – What will it take to awaken the leaders in the Arab world who continue to believe that their will can be imposed on their people regardless of the cost in material damages and human lives? How … Continue reading

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The second greatest disaster for Israel

By Claude Salhani –  Of the many conflicts fought between Israel and its Arab neigh­bours since the creation of the Jewish state in 1948, the 1967 six-day war carries particular importance as it changed the very psyche of the Middle … Continue reading

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Conspiracy theories, Russia’s antidote to chemical weapons

by Claude Salhani There is a new weapon in the war in Syria besides chemical agents: It is called conspiracy theories. Well, then again, maybe they are not so new. Conspiracy theories have been around forever and range from the … Continue reading

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Oops, Syria did it again

by Claude Salhani Syria stands accused once again of using chemical agents against its civilian population. In this latest episode, at least 87people are reported to have been killed. The death toll is expected to rise. After the incident, French … Continue reading

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How Trump’s tweets affect relations with Iran

by Claude Salhani – US President Donald Trump is undermin­ing his administra­tion by shooting from the hip with contradictory and often deceitful and misleading postings on Twitter. This very unpresidential behaviour will weigh against him in any nego­tiations he may … Continue reading

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Why Bashar Assad survives the Syrian deluge

by Claude Salhani – Logic, if it applied in this war, would dictate that by now — six long and murderous years into the conflict — Syrian President Bashar Assad should carry the blame for the sectarian violence that has … Continue reading

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Much more than brute military force needed to defeat ISIS

By Claude Salhani US President Donald Trump has reiter­ated his intent to go after the Islamic State (ISIS) and eradicate the jihadi terror organisation, which has taken over large regions of Iraq and Syria and claimed responsi­bility for many vicious … Continue reading

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