Why Volgograd?

By Claude Salhani – Trend: There are good reasons why the terrorists – believed to be Chechen Islamists — who struck two days in a row killing more than 30 people the Russian city of Volgograd chose that very city. The first attack occurred on Sunday when a female suicide bomber blew herself up in […]

Have country to rent: cheap

By Claude Salhani — To rent: One country, sea view, slightly used. Excellent weather most of the year, ideal for fighting other people’s battles. Ample labor force of various origins willing to do all sort of dirty jobs, from kidnapping and holding hostages then executing them on camera, or blowing up decent citizens. Cheap. Call […]

The Mumbo-Jumbo of the Oil Markets

By Claude Salhani – (this article first appeared in OilPrice.com) There is something awfully similar between black crude oil and black magic; both are equally incomprehensible to the uninitiated and only insiders understand how it really works. How and why a magician is able to pull off the stunts he does can only be understood […]

The Irony of US Syrian foreign policy

By Claude Salhani — Since US foreign policy decided that helping the Syrian opposition get rid of long-time president Bashar Assad was in the national interest of the United States, the CIA has been actively training rebel fighters, funneling guns, munitions and money amid frail hopes that the regime would eventually collapse and that the […]