Now Tweet This: Turkey’s A La Carte Democracy

By Claude Salhani Now Tweet this: Turkey’s Prime Minster Recep Tayyip Erdogan tried to prevent his country’s access to Twitter, disabling all Twitter account holders from accessing the popular social medium because of an item tweeted on the network accused him of corruption. Imagine the United States, or a Western European country that would attempt […]

Putin’s Road Map

By Claude Salhani – Trend: In the midst of the Cold War Soviet Russia was trying to achieve an objective that had previously been an issue of prime importance, actually make that an issue of national security, even for tsarist Russia. And today that same issue remains a major point of concern for Putin’s Russia: access to […]

A Nuclear Pandora’s Box

Claude Salhani  Should what was once referred to as the Arab-Israeli dispute now be called the Arab-Israel-Persian dispute? Indeed, Iran’s entrance into the “traditional” Middle East conflict only serves to expand the reach of the crisis, more than from simply a geographic perspective. What was once a relatively straightforward conflict over real estate has turned […]