Western Sanctions On Russia? Think Twice

By Claude Salhani Angered and frustrated Western leaders want to impose sanctions on Russia in retaliation for President Vladimir Putin’s actions in Ukraine. However, the U.S. and its allies should really think this through before taking any action because those most likely to feel the negative impact of the sanctions are not the Russians, but […]

Instability In Oil And Gas Producing Countries Brings Risk To Some, Rewards To Others

By Claude Salhani Along with causing considerable hand wringing among Western leaders, Russia’s recent annexation of Crimea has raised concern in the oil and gas world — an already volatile sector of the economy that regularly contends with political upheaval in the energy-producing countries it relies on. The oil business in particular does not react […]

Who Really Won the Cold War Now?

By Claude Salhani Since the fall of the Berlin Wall the West was under the illusion that it had won the Cold War. The Western powers had defeated communism, brought down the Iron Curtain, freed the peoples living under Soviet influence, brought the dreaded Berlin Wall down and saw the disbandment of the Warsaw Pact. […]

Adieu Dominique

I received a message on my Facebook page last Thursday morning alerting me of the death of one of my closest friends, a victim of cancer. Although we had not been in contact recently, each occupied by our careers and family and all the barriers that come with the passing years, we still kept in […]

How Russia can hit NATO’s soft underbelly

By Claude Salhani In the decades that followed the end of World War II and all throughout the Cold War the North Atlantic Treaty Organization has trained to repulse military aggression from outside its borders, and believing that extending the North Atlantic’s frontiers closer to Russia would make the alliance stronger. What NATO failed to […]