It’s a sad, sad, sad world

By Claude Salhani  — They say that no news is good news. Regrettably there is plenty of news at the moment and its all rather negative. The global political situation is today at its most precarious level since the end of the old Cold War. It is a disastrous state of relations that exists today […]

Fanning the Flames of Hatred

By Claude Salhani – When it comes to the Muslim Arab world, Western nations have often been accused of maintaining a double standard about the value of human life, holding one set of rules for the West and Israel and another for Arabs. Some voices in the Middle East have gone as far as suggesting […]

Obama Fiddles While Iraq Burns

By Claude Salhani To compare U.S. President Barack Obama to a modern-day Nero may be somewhat harsh, but as the Middle East continues to disintegrate, falling into chaos and unprecedented violence, its oilfields and gas fields within grasping reach of well-organized terrorist groups, it’s hard not to when no clear U.S. foreign policy is in […]

Washington ignored red flags in Iraq

By Claude Salhani – Members of the Obama Administration were warned – repeatedly – that ISIS, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria – posed a real threat to the security of Iraq, and ultimately to the region but did nothing to preempt the very foreseeable outcome. “On November 1, 2013, Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri […]

Scourge of ‘Islam Experts’

Please note this is a repeat. This story was first published in 2010. By Claude Salhani One of the negative by-products of the 9/11 attacks is the emergence of hordes of self-proclaimed experts on intricately complex issues such as the Middle East, Islam and terrorism. In fact being an ‘expert’ in one of the above-mentioned […]