Bashar Assad scores a major victory

By Claude Salhani  –  ] News of U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry stating that the United States needs to talk to Syrian President Bashar Assad must have been received in Damascus with much jubilation. After years of being ignored by most of the international community, of being shunned , Washington had suddenly reversed the […]

Opinion: Beware of false prophets…

Pundits or false prophets? Many are those who are only too happy to offer the White House their “expert views” on foreign policies, yet what they advise is not necessarily in the interest of the United States. Daniel Pipes, historian, commentator and president of the Middle East Forum wrote last week that the Syrian civil […]

How Turkey miscalculated in the Mideast

By Claude Salhani – – Monday, March 2, 2015 Turkey’s miscalculation in its Middle East foreign policy and expectation has led Ankara to undertake the strangest of military operations ever witnessed in this part of the ever-so-turbulent world. However before we delve into the matter at hand, it is important first to look at some […]