A great review of Inauguration Day on Amazon.com 5.0 out of 5 stars Countdown to Assassination and Catastrophe By John R. Carpenter on June 29, 2016 Format: Paperback Verified Purchase In “Inauguration Day” a dramatic countdown begins to the day when a newly elected American president is to be sworn in and inaugurated, January 20th. […]

Europe’s camp of shame

By Claude Salhani The camp of squatters at the edge of the north­ern French port city of Calais is often referred to as “the Jungle”. Indeed, this “jungle” is not only an eyesore — a small city built haphazardly with bits of cardboard, tin and anything else migrants could get their hands on — but […]

A tribute to religious tolerance

  Claude Salhani ~~~The Arab Weekly As the world prepared for more conflict, war and other associated acts of madness, an unusual event recently took place in the United States. This was a peaceful event, quite appropriate for a man who led a turbulent life but inwardly never stopped looking for peace. In what way […]

The Syrian conundrum

The Arab Weekly Claude Salhani Although the war in Syria seemed to be stagnating, recently the situation appears to be moving and evolving at an accelerated pace. Russia and Iran have increased their military involvement in Syria. Both countries contributed troops to the conflict in support of the Syrian president and the Russians committed their […]