Iran seen provoking tensions with US at sea

By  Claude Salhani As tensions between Russia and the United States over Syria abated slightly, tensions between Iran and the United States continued to build, risking an all-out confron­tation between the US Navy and Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC). Naval units of the IRGC have sys­tematically harassed US Navy war­ships in the Gulf at […]

What planet is Syria on?

By Claude Salhani The Syrian government has produced a video advertisement in a feeble attempt to attract tourists — and their hard currencies — hoping to convince them to spend some of their time and much of their money in Syria. If the situation was not so tragic, this story could pass for comical but, […]

Is Iran upping the Shia-Sunni divide?

By Claude Salhani Political tensions in the Middle East are at a dangerously high level as the United States and Russia are facing off over the Syrian conflict, pitting the two powers against one another in a manner reminiscent of the Cold War. Further upping the ante, Iran revealed the creation of a “liberation army”. […]