Photos of the author


The author in Kuwait covering Desert Storm.







Claude Salhani is helped into the Beirut Commodore Hotel after being injured in the foot by a 155mm phosphorous shell that crashed into the UPI office in Beirut on August 2, 1982. It was the worst day of the Israeli invasion with shells crashing on West Beirut at the rate of one every 4 seconds. UPI’s Vinnie Schodolski and Cynthia Nuckolls are helping Claude. Frank Dougherty is on the left.

claude salhani in

In southern Iraq during Operation Desert Storm, 1991




















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Kuwait — with the burning oil wells


cs al-hurra

On al-Hurra TV

fahd 2 TWO

Greeted by King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, British Prime Minister Tony Blair in behind


Interviewing Myriam Rajavi, leader of the MeK of Iran



With President Emile Lahoud of Lebanon

With the Emir of Qatar, Sheikh Khalifa bin Hamad al-Thani

bill (2)

With President Bill Clinton at the White House

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