Inauguration Day

a novel by Claude Salhani


Terrorism, espionage, romance, and fast-moving international political intrigue that will keep you turning the pages until the very last page…


Claude Salhani is a journalist, author, political analyst and TV and radio commentator is one of the most knowledgeable voices on the Arab-Israeli issues, the Greater Middle East, Central Asia, terrorism, and political Islam.

He has appeared on more than 40 networks including CNN, Fox, BBC, VOA, Al-Hurra (in Arabic), France 24 and Russia Today. His articles have been published in The New York Times, the Middle East Times, The Washington Post and the Washington Times, The International Herald Tribune, The Times (London), The San Diego Union Tribune, Foreign Service Journal, Middle East Policy Journal,, The American Conservative, The National, Khaleej Times and many others.

From the same author: Black September to Desert Storm, (1997). While the Arab World Slept: the impact of the Bush years on the Middle East, (2009). Islam Without a Veil, (2011), contributing author of The Iraq War, (2002), and Inauguration Day.

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