Black September to Desert Storm

Black September to  Desert Storm is a book about the backstage of war.

It is easy to read and instructive not only about the comlex issue of the Middle East but also about Middle Easterns themselves. Most of all it shows through one journalist what covering comlex news events could look like.

75242162Nobody can reveal the absurd and totally surealistic face of war better than a news photographer.

One might find it hard to laugh about events that shook the world with horror, but Salhani shows you how strange enough even in the hardest situations some humour is hidden. Professionals who hop from one war to another mentally survive by cherishing that side.

One might find it even harder to imagine that the most feared terrorist, soldier of fortune or sniper,can also have a human side to him.

If you are someone who reads newspapers and are interested in knowing how news gets to you, this book is a must.