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A group of US Marines come under attack on the coastal road south of Beirut. A UN officer (with beret) was also present.



Photographs on the way to war…

Civil War in LebanonCivil War in Lebanon Civil War in Lebanon Civil War in Lebanon Civil War in Lebanon Civil War in Lebanon

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Beirut: A US Marine wipes a tear from his eye after a massive car bomb destroyed the BLT building killing 241 US servicemen on Oct. 23, 1983.


Embassy Guards After Explosion    Beirut:  US Marine Security Guards react after a bomb destroyed  the

Embassy in Beirut in 1983.


US Marines jump over Beirut’s Sports stadium


US Marines deploy out of Beirut


US Marines arrive in Beirut to serve with the Multinational Force


The first unit of Marines arrives at Beirut Airptoy


Marines deploying out of Beirut











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Palestinian Combatants in Beirut

PFLP Fedayeen in Training



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