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Palestine — the forgotten cause

By Claude Salhani — With the brouhaha over its attempts to decree a travel ban on citizens from seven Muslim-majority countries, the Trump administration has much on its hands as it tries to imple­ment unpopular decisions. However, it might be … Continue reading

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ISIS on the rampage

The Arab Weekly Claude Salhani A slew of terrorist activities — from running people over to bombings, shootings and knifing bystanders — in numerous cities across Europe and the Muslim world has killed more than 400 people and wounded many … Continue reading

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France has become primary European target for ISIS

The Arab Weekly Claude Salhani The ignoble act that marred Bastille Day festivities in the south­ern French resort city of Nice claimed more than 80 lives when a lorry was driven into a crowd of people celebrating French National Day. … Continue reading

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The peace talks and the pawns of war

by Claude Salhani UN-brokered peace talks between the Syrian government and opposition groups in Geneva run the risk of unleashing an upsurge of fighting as each side seeks to gain ground to aid its negotiating position. Opposition delegate Bassma Kodmani … Continue reading

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The Mideast Crisis – deja-vu?

Claude Salhani First published in The Arab Weekly Although part of what’s happening in Iraq is eerily reminiscent of the events leading up to the 2003 US inva­sion, the subsequent occupation of the country and the sectarian divisions that followed, … Continue reading

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Jordanian King Warns Of Impending World War III

By Claude Salhani | When OPEC, the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries, imposed an oil embargo on the West for its support of Israel in the October 1973 Arab-Israeli war, the French came out with a series of public service … Continue reading

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An end to the holy oil war?

By Claude Salhani | The ‘holy oil war’ may be coming to an end. Don’t bother looking for this as it’s a term I made up to refer to the political clash between the oil and gas producing countries of … Continue reading

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The Caucus Soldier’s Group takes shape in Syria

By Claude Salhani | An Islamist group claiming it intends to fight for an Islamic state in the Caucasus has just surfaced in the Syrian port city of Latakia, according to a report from the respected and informative SyriaComent.com. The … Continue reading

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US aims to pressure Russia could trigger major conflict

The price of oil surprisingly went down last week from a high of about $120 per barrel to a low of about $80. It was delightful news for consumers who felt the difference instantly at the pump. The Organization of … Continue reading

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Islamic State Looks To Mediterranean To Continue Oil Operations

By Claude Salhani | There is serious concern that the battle for control of Syria by the group calling itself the Islamic State may soon shift from the mountainous region where the fight for the border town of Kobani continues, … Continue reading

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